Glotin Cane

Glotin is located in the Var River area in the Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur region of France, famous for its wines and stunning landscape.  Here Glotin owns all of its farms, and grows cane exclusively in this region, insuring a consistently high quality product.  For more than 50 years, Glotin has been supplying cane to bassoonists and has become a standard of quality.

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Gonzalez Cane

Gonzalez cane is a family owned business in Mendoza Argentina, an area in the eastern foothills of the Andes important for wine making and olive oil production.  Here Gonzalez is involved first-hand in the daily cultivation and preparation of their product.  A dedication to rigorous quality controls and organic farming has made Gonzalez cane popular amongst bassoonists worldwide.


Donati Cane

Donati cane comes from a family owned group of plantations along a strip of land running through the Var region of France. Comprising a total of over 75 acres, the plantations are divided between the Sauvebonne valleyan and an area called the plain of Hyères. These plantations, about 40 miles inland from the Mediterranean, are claimed to experience micro-climates and soils that are favorable to the cultivation of bassoon cane.

rigotti cane

Rigotti Cane

Founded in 1966 by Franco Rigotti, L’Entreprise Rigotti is located in a small Provençal village called Cogolin.  This area, crisscrossed with small rivers and streams flowing into the gulf of St. Tropez, is said to be one of the best areas for cane cultivation in all of the Var region.


danzi cane

Danzi Cane

During his 25 years as principal bassoon in La Scala, Ovidio Danzi developed a special method for selecting bassoon cane.  By building on his techniques and passion for selecting the finest raw materials, the Danzi company has become one of the most highly regarded suppliers of cane for a variety of reed instruments.