"Since I have to switch between playing principal and second bassoon every few weeks, it's imperative that I have a reliable cane source from which to make reeds that play well in both positions. The quality and consistency that Barton Cane delivers is unmatchable and makes the transitions from one job to the other much easier. Thanks, Barton Cane!" 

Amanda Swain   |  Principal Bassoon, Houston Grand Opera; Second Bassoon, Houston Ballet

"Barton Cane has increased my success rate with reeds by providing me more consistent quality in the cane, and has enhanced the efficiency of my reedmaking by providing consistently gouged, shaped, and profiled cane to my specifications. The service is personal and friendly, and they are quick to respond to my orders." 

Jeff Keesecker   |  Bassoon Professor, Florida State University


"We at Bocal Majority have been using Barton Cane for 3 years now, starting as it's first and now, largest customer. We used to process all our own cane in house for our camps and for the reeds we make for sale, but because of the quality, consistency and excellent customer service we receive from David and Julie, we obtain cane nearly exclusively from Barton Cane. We make high-quality reeds that are sent all over the country and have been completely satisfied with our experience." 

Jennifer Auerbach   |  Owner, Bocal Majority