About Barton Cane

At Barton Cane, selection is what sets us apart from other retailers.  We use cane that is sourced from well-respected growers, and all of our cane is gouged, shaped, profiled and scored in-house using our own state of the art equipment.  This allows us to produce any shape and any profile using any type of cane.  All of our shapes are modeled after existing  shapers, and we will be continually growing our library of available shapes.  Our goal is to provide what you want, so feel free to contact us.  We’d love to hear from you.


About The Owner

Photo by Sam Marx            

Photo by Sam Marx           

David Threatte created Barton Cane in 2012.  He is a bassoonist and machinist from Orlando Florida. He received his undergraduate degree in performance at the New England Conservatory in Boston Massachusetts where he studied with Matthew Ruggiero.  He received his masters degree in performance at the University of Colorado at Boulder under the direction of Yoshiyuki Ishikawa.  His other major teachers have been Jack Beck, Jeff Keesecker, and Kristin Wolfe Jensen.  Because of an injury, David was unable to continue performing after graduation and began dedicating his time to his other passions, engineering and design.  He hopes to incorporate the experience that he has gained from starting Barton Cane into launching projects that will help to localize manufacturing of other products.  David currently lives in Boulder, Colorado, where in addition to running Barton Cane, he continues to occasionally perform and teaches private lessons.


About Our Equipment

Our reed-making equipment was manufactured in the University of Colorado Physics Lab.  All components have been manufactured to an accuracy of within .001”.  The gouging process automatically discards any warped or defective cane.  Most importantly, the gouge, shape and profile are all congruent.  The shaping process lines up laterally and longitudinally with the gouging process.  The profiling process lines up laterally, longitudinally and vertically with the gouging and shaping process.

History of Barton Cane

Seven years in the making, Barton Cane is the culmination of a research project on bassoon cane.  In 2005 bassoonist David Threatte, with help from the University of Colorado Physics Department, began designing and testing a new process for gouging bassoon cane.  With extensive help from bassoon professor Yoshiyuki Ishikawa and veteran machinist Sid Gustafson, these experiments grew into a procedure for processing tube cane into finished GSP bassoon cane.  In March 2012, Barton Cane opened for business with a commitment to offering a high quality product with an ever expanding list of options to meet the specific needs of every bassoonist.


Commitment to Sustainability

At Barton Cane we take great pride in our eco-friendly practices. 100% of our electricity is purchased from Windsource, one of the nation’s largest voluntary renewable energy programs. Our packaging is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. We do not use any plastic packing tape or packing materials. Our shipping boxes are made from 30% recycled materials and made in the USA. The packing we fill the boxes with is 100% recycled newspapers and phone books. We use paper packing tape for shipping that is made in the USA with a recycled core, and we use rice tape for holding the packs of cane together.
Please help us out by re-using, recycling or composting all shipping materials that you receive from Barton Cane.