Eryn Oft Style - Pack of 5


Eryn Oft Style - Pack of 5

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A bassoonist by nature Eryn gravitates toward education and pedagogy of double reeds. Since joining the faculty at Jacksonville State University in 2007, Eryn has developed a double reed studio of 23 students (community and student based) and
created the JSU Double Reed Day, an annual event. In 2010 she created Raffe Reeds, internationally sold quality handmade bassoon reeds for players of all levels.

As a performer, Eryn developed an international reputation performing with orchestras and chamber music groups throughout Europe, Mexico, the US and Canada. She has been the recipient of travel grants and artistic residencies, most notably with the Banff Centre for the Arts. Currently, Eryn has been heard performing with the Atlanta Opera, Chattanooga Symphony Orchestra, Atlanta Ballet, Rome Symphony Orchestra, Columbus Symphony Orchestra and Alabama Symphony Orchestra.

As an educator and clinician Eryn utilizes innovative methods to express artistic concepts, making art accessible and sparking curiosity. Following her work with Harvard Brain Scientist Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, Eryn revolutionized music history pedagogy, moving away from standard memorization into ideas that unite the right and the left brain, increasing retention and substantially raising students’ national test scores. In all of her endeavors she strives to communicate and connect with audiences of all cultures and demographics.

In her free time Eryn serves as coach for Etowah Youth Orchestra’s Endangered Instruments and the Red Brick Collective Woodwind Quintet. Prior to her work at Jacksonville State University she served as faculty at Snow College and Instructor at Indiana University.  Eryn is a graduate Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, receiving her masters and undergraduate degrees in bassoon performance with a minor in early music. Her teachers include Stephane Levesque, Kim Walker and Mark Eubanks.



The Eryn Oft Style uses the Rieger 1A shape with a 26mm tube that has not been scored. The profile is our standard profile, and the cane used is Donati.

Wire Placements: The first wire is 25mm from the butt, just behind the collar. The second wire is 9mm from the first wire. The measurement is taken from the center of the first wire to the center of the second wire. The third wire is triple wrapped 6mm from the base of the tube. Again the measurement is taken from the center of the wire. Recommended blade length: 29mm.

Micrometer measurements taken from the tip:
Tip:      .20mm
3mm:   .36mm
6mm:   .50mm
Heart:  .64mm
9mm:   .66mm
12mm:  .68mm
15mm:  .70mm
18mm:  .73mm
21mm:  .75mm
24mm: .78mm
27mm: .85mm

Reed Making Videos:

Making a Bassoon Reed Part 1: Hand Gouging, Fold Over and Beveling

Making a Bassoon Reed Part 2: Scoring, Forming, Wires and Rounding the Tube

Making a Bassoon Reed Part 3: Collar, Wrapping and Clipping the Tip

Announcement and My Reed Dimensions

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